5 Essential Steps in Clothing Manufacturing for Startups.

Let's keep it simple. First, you've got to pick the perfect fabric and dye; it's the canvas for everything else. Next comes pattern making, which is basically the blueprint for sampling and clothing manufacturing. Then, it's all about the cut and sew, turning that blueprint into something real. Finally, wrap it all up with the finishing touches that make a garment truly special. This summarizes the early stages in the clothing manufacturing process. In case you're still not sure what this all means, let's go deeper.
1. Fabric Selection
Before you can bring your fashion sketches to life, you've got to pick the right fabric. With AVmade, this means sending us a garment you love so we can reverse engineer the fabric, or requesting a fabric swatch. It's like choosing the canvas for a masterpiece painting. The fabric will dictate not just how the garment looks, but also how it feels, how it drapes, and even how it needs to be cared for.
2. Pattern Making
Pattern making is the step where your designs transform from just an idea to a concrete plan. Think of a pattern as the blueprint tailors and clothing manufacturers like us at AVmade use to cut your chosen fabric into the right shapes before sewing everything together. A master pattern maker is like a conductor leading the orchestra; without him or her, everything is mediocre at best.
Insider Tip:
Don't underestimate the skill needed here. Even tiny mistakes can throw off the fit or look of your garment. So, it's a good idea to either have our development team handle this for you or hire a master pattern-maker.
3. Cut & Sew
This is the stage where the rubber meets the road, or rather, the scissors meet the fabric. Your chosen material is cut according to the patterns we've made, and then sewn together to create the garment.
Insider Tip:
Quality control is crucial at this stage. Ensure that the cutting is precise and the sewing is executed professionally, as this sample will serve as the reference point for future production. The quality of the sample sets the standard, so it's important to get it right.
4. Dyeing
Dyeing is where your fabric gets its personality. Whether it's a vibrant red or a subdued gray, the color needs to match your vision. The method used for dyeing could vary—maybe its garment dyeing or perhaps roll dyeing. Which technique to go with depends on a bunch of factors like the fabric you're using, the style you're aiming for, and the machines that are available.
Insider Tip:
Here at AVmade, we've got a variety of machines and we're super conscious about the planet. So all our dyeing is done with environmentally friendly chemicals and natural ingredients. Eco-friendly dyeing is a big trend right now, so you're not just making a style statement but a planet-friendly one too.
5. Finishing
The finishing stage is about those final touches that can make or break a garment. This includes everything from attaching buttons, zippers, trims and embellishments to ironing or pressing the garment to give it a polished look.
To sum it all up,
These steps are your fashion startup's ABCs. understand them, and you're well on your way to turning your fashion dreams into a wearable reality. And if you're looking for a partner in this journey, AVmade clothing manufacturer can offer invaluable expertise at every step.