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If you're an emerging brand in the upscale contemporary market, you will qualify for development (sample) credit. If you're an emerging brand in the upscale contemporary market, you will qualify for development (sample) credit.


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Bring us your vision! Our expert designers are ready to polish your idea and craft a detailed tech pack for you using our 3D collaboration tool. Already have a tech-pack? Perfect, we're all set for the next step!”


We prioritize transparency above all. Once you share your concept with us, we'll provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive quote before any contracts are signed. Rest assured, there are no hidden fees or unexpected costs down the road."


Prototyping and sampling are intricate processes, but with our team of experts, you're in good hands. Trust us to deliver top-notch results without any added costs like sourcing, consulting, or other hidden charges.


After you approve the prototype (sample), we'll dive into discussing the optimal production strategies. We'll also offer guidance on budgeting and inventory management to ensure a smooth start, all at no additional cost. Let's begin!


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We provide end-to-end high quality manufacturing to emerging, established designers and empowered USA clothing manufacturers.
We provide end-to-end high quality manufacturing
to emerging, established designers and empowered
USA clothing manufacturers.
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AV is best for brands looking for a quality clothing manufacturer in the USA. If you have been doing your own,
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Using third-party apparel factories
  3. Using Merch blanks to get by or
  4. Serious about building a brand
then you've come to the right custom clothing manufacturer. We eliminate the friction and the headache that comes with starting and building your clothing brand.
There are two ways you can get started.
  1. If you have a tech pack ready, then email and we will get back to you with a quote. If you need help with your tech-pack you can use our design team at a rate of $75/hr. The number of hours varies based on the complexity of the style but will quote you in advance as part of our transparent way of doing business. To quote you, we will need a form of sketch or image, accompanied by written details, or the sample to copy if available.
  2. If you are new and have no idea, there are a few things you can do.
    1. We recommend first learning as much as you can by reading throughout our site.
    2. If you still need assistance, our team of experts will be happy to guide you on your last mile.
    3. You can also book a consultation to discuss various points with our American clothing manufacturers expert.
We offer full-package all-in-one clothing manufacturers in USA. But if you already have part of your development such as pattern made, fabric knitted, or even cut elsewhere, we can pick up where you left off. Also if you just want us to help with a certain part of the apparel industry than our custom clothing manufacturers are here for you, here is our à la carte…

  • Pattern making
  • Sample making
  • Fabric knitting
  • Fabric dying
  • Grading
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Production Sewing
  • Trimming & Packing
Full package manufacturing means taking a concept from an idea all the way to mass production. It also means the manufacturer is capable of making the following,

  • Pattern making
  • Sample making
  • Fabric
  • Dying
  • Cut & Sew
  • Finishing
  • Decoration
In full package garment manufacturing the brand gets transparent pricing without having any surprises. Based on our 150+ yrs of collective experience, we have heard it all about giving you high-quality clothing manufacturers in USA. Brands that don't use full package apparel manufacturers assume the price was X and in the end, it turned out to be 2-3X. So, when an apparel factory tells you, the following use it as a signal to look for someone else.

  1. We can help you source your fabric but it will cost you $X per hour.
  2. We won't know until your sample is made.
  3. We charge for consultation in order to let you know. haha smh. We heard it all. As far
as we're concerned, as long as you have an image or sketch and have an idea of the material, we will provide you with a quote. If you don't know how to begin or need more info prior, contact us, and we will walk you through the process free of charge.
Great question. Not all USA clothing manufacturers are equipped to produce all types of garments. As far as AV goes, we specialize in loungewear, casual wear, athletic wear, and contemporary dresses. To give you a little more clarity, let's list brands for each category.
  1. Loungewear brands: Aviator nation, Sundry, Lunya
  2. Casual wear brands: Everlane, Madewell
  3. Athletic wear brands: Lululemon, Alo yoga
  4. Contemporary brands: Reformation, Revolve

AV’ is your one-stop solution for you if you are searching for custom clothing near me for your established or start-up business.
Sampling aka prototyping requires the following steps. First, the brand needs to provide the factory with a tech pack or a sample to follow as stated above in "What do I need to get started?" Otherwise it's like building a house without a blueprint, not possible. Once you submit your tech pack or sample, we will revise the details and present you with a quote. If the quote is approved, we will begin the sample-making process.

The sample is done as follows.
  1. Pattern making
  2. Source or make the fabric
  3. Dye the fabric if needed
  4. Cut & sew the sample
  5. Send it to the client for approval.

If the sample is 100% then we will begin with production, otherwise, another revision will be done. We offer two revisions free of charge. Just an icing on the cake, unlike any factories, we credit emerging brands up to 90% of their sample fee towards their production.
It varies by style and material weight and content. It's like asking how much a car costs. It's impossible to answer unless you specify things like brand, model, year, mileage etc… So for apparel it's similar, we need to know all the things you need for the garment manufacturer to do a cost analysis. Things like the type of style, type of fabrication, construction and other details. Once you've submitted your concept, we will give you a full-package quote. Also, if you have a target price you need to be within, we will provide you with a plan and the best approach to achieving those objectives.
A cut and sew manufacturer is a factory that participates only in part of the supply chain. For example, if you take how apparel is made from start to finish, it looks something like this…

  1. Fabric knitting
  2. Fabric dying
  3. Cut fabric
  4. Sew garment
  5. Finishing (trim. Press and package)

A cut and sew manufacturer starts at step 3 unlike full package manufacturers (which we’ve discussed in the previous segment). Ultimately as a designer you have to know what works best for you based on your budget and network. Meaning, if you can find a full package manufacturer then it's much earlier to negotiate price based on the entire project and get a flat rate. Especially for startups, this can be tricky and at times costly. The reason being, most cut and sew manufacturers charge for referrals & sourcing, and most fabric suppliers charge surcharge plus 30% or more for the fabric since startups usually buy a small quantity. So hopefully, all your curiosity or lack of clarity about what a cut and sew manufacturer has been answered.
The simple answer is YES! An activewear manufacturer will be required to have sewing machines like flatlock, bartack and other activewear specific machines that are critical for the athletic wear market. These machines are made to strengthen the product durability, tear & wear and level of comfort.

It is also important to note a quality activewear manufacturer will train sewing operators to perfect their skills, since machines like flatlock are much harder to operate then say overlock or cover. But all in all, most of the time if a factory promotes itself as an activewear manufacturer, then you’ll rarely see them making anything but as the cost of training the staff and machine won’t make sense. Conclusion, if you're looking to manufacture athletic wear, activewear or anything that has a flatlock stitching then make sure the apparel manufacturer you picked is specialized in it with proper machinery and staff.
Well there are various reasons why a U.S. clothing manufacturer can add value to your brand more so than an overseas factory. To simplify the answer, here is a list of reasons,

  1. Easy communication
  2. Faster turnaround time
  3. Ethical manufacturing (U.S. have federal, state and local regulators)
  4. Sustainable Practiced (U.S. have federal, state and local regulators)
  5. Output in quality can be monitored more closely

Especially if you are a startup brand, the likelihood of a high quality manufacturer located overseas taking your 100-300 unit project seriously is unlikely. The best overseas factories are under long term contracts with medium to large size companies. Which means, the factory you sourced or found on Alibaba is someone mediocre, which inevitably will screw up your project sooner or later.
Sure you can. As a business owner, asking for a form or price reduction is natural. Most manufacturers are not set up to work with startups like AV is. Therefore they treat start ups like a one off transaction. Whichmeans, they will jack up their price and try to maximize their margin. Unfortunately we think that's the reason why most startups fail or won't try again. Therefore AV’s approach is more missionary than mercenary. For example, we incentivize startups with perks like,

  1. 50% less in development cost
  2. 30% less in manufacturing cost
  3. Waive nearly all surcharge
  4. Reimburse development by up to 90%
  5. Accept low MoQ and more.

But all-in-all do not hesitate to ask for a discount from any factory. Remember, every dollar at this stage counts. Even if you grew up with a golden spoon, it's the discipline that counts.
We require a 50% down payment to start and the remaining 50% before shipment or pick up.
On average, our apparel production turnaround time is around 4-6 weeks. Not to toot our own horn, but we're the fastest in the industry. But if you're just getting started, you may need more time to figure things out, therefore those R&D times prior do not get included in the lead time.
We're pro entrepreneurs. Our company's mission is to inspire and empower entrepreneurs. Therefore everything we do is with our mission in mind. As for competitors, we don't think about them much, we're too busy making sure our customers get the best service.
We look at the entire garment manufacturing supply chain starting from the quality of the raw material to construction quality, dye quality, and finishing quality. We're the only apparel factory that uses these metrics to validate quality. We do this simply because our customers are designer brands and we make sure their customers end up with the best quality clothes.
Yes, we have customers in Paris, Tokyo, London, Dubai, and many more countries.
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